When Plans Don’t Pan Out

River in FallLets face it, no matter how good of planning we do as photographers, no matter how lucky we are at rolling the dice, no matter how good of judgement we have, sometimes we just get skunked due to Mother Nature not cooperating or other unfortunate circumstances beyond our control. Yah, I like coming home with my tail between my legs about as much as the next photographer, but it does happen from time to time. When it does, I try to find a way of making the best of the situation if at all possible.

This morning for example, I watched the skies and they really looked like they were going to hold off on letting the rain loose. Weather reports showed a slight chance of rain. It was nicely overcast and so I made the decision to go! I arrived at my first location, and all was good. I grabbed my gear and set up my shot. Not a minute later after I had it composed and everything dialed in, the skies broke loose into a downpour!! I was like, “you have got to be kidding me, right?” <insert expletives here!!>

Needless to say, it did not stop. I quickly packed up and decided to scout some new locations trying to make the best of what had been handed to me. I did find about five really nice new locations for future shooting, so the day wasn’t totally shot. My point being, we can always continue to scout for new locations, or look for new vantage points from which to shoot old ones from when it is raining so hard it is impossible to shoot. It is always prudent to pack the rain gear when shooting this time of year in the Pacific Northwest; the rain gear for you, and the rain gear for the camera!!

The image below is the one shot I managed to capture before Mother Nature decided it was time to get rid of some water. Oh well, we win some…we lose some. Work with it!!

River in Fall

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