What’s in the Beak?

Violet-green SwallowIt’s Springtime, and as a Nature photographer, one of the busiest times of the year. All of the critters have found their mates, and the baby birds are starting to fledge. Often times some of the best birding in the Springtime can be found in local parks. I took these two shots, one of a male Violet-green Swallow, and the other of a female House Sparrow at a local park in Washington State.  Being Springtime, approaching birds can be much easier early on, as they are very focused on attracting mates and they typically have a higher tolerance for distractions.

I thought the shot of the Violet-green Swallow was interestingly fun at the time.  It was likely using the feather for nest building materials, and cooperatively paused for me to capture this image. The House Sparrow was very busy catching insects for not only itself, but to feed the young ones. I happened to spot where its nest was, creatively hidden inside the legs of a picnic bench. Whatever works I suppose! 🙂

Female House Sparrow

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