Utah Sandstone Adventures

We just returned from a long week of adventures in Utah. The trip was initially planned for week of backpacking deep in the canyons of Manti La Sal National Forest. I am not sure why they call it a “forest”, as it is nothing but canyons and desert. The temperatures were in the mid 90’s and reached 105 one afternoon, thus we decided to end this portion of the trip early and had a grueling ascent out of the canyon in almost unbearable heat.

From the Dark Canyon region, we drove North to Moab for a few days of adventure. Our first day in Moab, we decided to do some technical Canyoneering. It was fun to put our rope skills to work in the twisting canyons and learn some new skills along the way. A few miles out of Moab lies Arches National park. There are over 2000 arches that lie in the park, and many are of epic proportions. The deep red of the sandstone is truly a photographer’s dream, the only problem is trying to avoid all the tourists while keeping them out of your shot.

As seen in my pictures below, we found several panels of petroglyphs in our adventures while in Utah. These petroglyphs were created by pecking away the sandstone to create the desired shapes. Many petroglyphs of this style are still found in Utah, where as pigment based art is often weathered away over many years. I feel very fortunate to have seen some of this amazing artwork. Just another great experience out in nature!


Pictograph - Moab,UtahPictograph - Moab,UtahArches National Park - Moab,UtahCanyoneering - Moab,Utah

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