The Enchanted Forest

This weekend’s adventure brought old-growth forest, scenic creeks, numerous waterfalls, and a couple excited photographers together for a magical day in one of nature’s natural treasures.

As a lover of nature, and all the splendor that can be found if one takes the time, I truly appreciate every moment I can spend in pristine, beautiful places. Clean air, cool breezes, un-trampled forest, and litter free paradise was just the surface of what we unearthed today.

There is nothing quite like relaxing at a gorgeous waterfall with no one around…silence, except for the sound of water cascading gracefully over obstacles en route to a pool far below. Waterfalls, within waterfalls…this is what photographers live for. One must put forth the effort, place themselves into these magical places, and then…and only then, will the chance to capture precious moments in wondrous places, become a possibility.

I can only hope that everyone makes the time to visit nature’s natural wonders, and really take the time to soak in the beauty of what is around us. It is these moments that one experiences that will ingrain a deep appreciation for what is left in this world that has not been destroyed by man, and desperately needs our attention and efforts towards conservation for future generations to enjoy. So take a day, and get out and see something beautiful. Immerse yourself in all that nature has to offer, and let the stress of everyday life slip away. Lose yourself in nature…


Siouxon Creek - WashingtonNameless cascade - Siouxon Creek - WashingtonHorseshoe Creek Falls - WashingtonSeasonal cascade - Siouxon Creek - WashingtonNameless cascade - Siouxon Creek - WashingtonSiouxon Creek - Washington

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