The Creature Feature – Rock Wren

I recently photographed these Rock Wrens in Lake County, the high desert of Oregon. Although my stay was brief, it was nice to get out in a different environment for some non-local birding.

The Rock Wren is a Sparrow sized Wren that is a pale grey-brown with a finely streaked breast. The tail feathers have white and pale buff tips. Rock Wrens are partial to rocky slopes, and often times are found in canyons, on rock-strewn slops, cliffs, and dams in arid country. A neat and funny tip regarding these gorgeous little birds, is that often times they will leave a small trail of pebbles leading to their nest site;  kind of a good way to find them in this photographer’s opinion.

All images shot with a Canon 1D Mk IV and Canon 500mm f/4 L IS lens. Post processing done with Photoshop CS 6.

Rock WrenRock WrenRock Wren

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