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I wanted to do a review of Canon’s Angle Finder C,  and describe how I am utilizing  it for wildlife and nature photography. The Angle Finder C is a right-angle viewfinder that is very useful when shooting at ground level, and looking through the viewfinder or utilizing Live View is  not possible due to camera orientation or when the camera is in a position that creates uncomfortable shooting conditions. As well, it is valuable when precise focus is needed, as it has a 2.5x magnification ablility that is switchable by the user.  I like to use the Angle Finder C when shooting ultra-low upward-angle shots of wildflowers. In this situation, where the camera is positioned very low to the ground, looking through the viewfinder or trying to view the LCD display is simply not possible. In this application, the Angle Finder C shines. Two other situations that immediately come to mind are photographing a stream from directly above the water, when you and your tripod are literally in the water up to your waist. In order to see through the viewfinder, you would have to immerse yourself up to your neck; this is just not fun, nor practical. Being able to view the LCD also proves to be difficult in this situation. Once again, the Angle Finder C works wonders in these conditions. Photographing wildlife with a long telephoto lens can produce stunning perspectives when shooting the subject at eye level from the ground. Kneeling, and utilizing the Angle Finder C instead of laying in the muck is often much more of an appealing method to capture images of this type.  Used in Macro photography, the Angle Finder C is indispensable! Trying to get really nice upward angle shots of insects, flowers, or other subjects from a very low perspective, otherwise impossible without this device, are easily attained.


As with almost every product that has Canon has its name on, the Angle Finder C’s build quality is excellent. The device utilizes all metal connections and comes with a nice carrying pouch. The eyepiece is made of  sturdy yet comfortable rubber, and accommodates people who wear glasses quite nicely.  Allowing you to adjust the viewing angle, the Angle Finder C provides a full screen image as well as exposure data. Also, the Angle Finder C has a built-in dioptric adjustment for variations in eyesight. The eyepiece will rotate 360 degrees with detents every 45 degrees, which makes shooting in just about every conceivable position quite possible. To install, all you need to do is slide the stock eye-cup off of your camera body and replace with the Angle Finder. The device comes with several adapters to fit various Canon models.


Shooting in tight quarters, awkward locations, low to the ground perspectives, and even possibly around corners :-), Canon’s Angle Finder C is, in this photographer’s opinion, an invaluable and indispensable piece of kit. Every photographer should at least try one out to realize the new possibilities made available by this device. Oh, and your back will thank you! 🙂


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