“Mary Me!”


mary's peak

From the Summit of Mary’s Peak
Oregon Coast Range

Hah! I bet the title of this post drew you in, huh? 🙂 This past weekend I went to the Oregon coast to visit friends. I took some time to head to the top of the Coast range’s highest peak: “Mary’s Peak.” Everything below 2000′ in elevation was completely socked in with weather. At around 3000′, snow was the feature of the day, and at around 3800′, things turned to solid ice!

I was in search of  a species of bird I have been wanting to photograph for some time; Mary’s Peak has been known to be a spot that these birds frequent around this time of year. Unfortunately I was unable to locate any, but the surrounding scenery was absolutely stellar! With everything frozen around me, the blue skies with wispy clouds, and absolute separation from the stresses of everyday life, I was truly at peace in a remarkable environment.

The weekend did not go without photographing birds. I visited two National Wildlife Refuges I had not been to up until this point: The William L. Finley Refuge, and the Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge in Salem,OR. Below are some of the images I took while at these two beautiful places, as well as from the summit of Mary’s Peak.  Overall, a GREAT weekend outdoors!!!


Dark-eyed Junco (male)Dark-eyed Junco (female)White-breasted NuthatchWhite-crowned SparrowWhite-crowned SparrowsSummit of Mary's Peak - Oregon Coast Range

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