Just Like Clockwork

You can set your clock by them, as they show up nearly to the day each year. Ospreys are sometimes known as “Fish Hawks”, as the Osprey’s diet consists almost exclusively of fish. They are a large raptor, whose wingspan can exceed 24″! Found on every continent except Antarctica, they are a readily recognized bird of prey.

I always look forward to the arrival of Ospreys. There is something about them that peaks my interest even more so than Bald Eagles. Their talons are lethal tools designed specifically for grasping slippery meals (a.k.a. fish) and feature a reversible toe that allows them to position two toes in front, and two behind, which is very effective for grasping prey. They also seem less skittish than eagles or other raptors, and exhibit a certain degree of lenience towards photographers as long as respectable boundaries are not exceeded.

As we have been slowly easing into a very  stormy Spring here in the Pacific Northwest, it made for some great photography while photographing this Osprey. The nice diffused light created some dramatic shots against the lightly forested background, which is trying to spring to life as well. I love this time of year in Washington. Yes, it can be very wet, but if you wait for those inevitable sun-breaks, you WILL be rewarded with some fantastic photographic opportunities. So BE READY with camera in hand, and you will be rewarded with that magic Spring light!

These images were created using a Canon 1D Mk4 and Canon 500mm f/4 lens with 1.4 TC




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