Having a BLAST out in Nature!!

canyoneeringI could have slept in on Sunday morning, but why waste a perfectly good opportunity to go Canyoneering in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth. My friend Mike and I hiked in about 2 1/2 miles to the top of Munra Creek and proceeded to bushwhack our way downstream. To do this on Munra Creek, you must rappel off the top of seven waterfalls to finally come out on the Wahclella Falls trail. This can sometimes be interesting as this day was, as there happened to be a small crowd on the bridge watching us rappel off the last waterfall. I think they all wanted something bad to happen, as we didn’t receive any comments when we made it to the bottom in style. Sorry to disappoint, no blood and guts today! :-O

This is just a quick edit/test video with my GoPro Hero 3 camera. Stay tuned for more video/photography from our future trips!! Hope you enjoy….WE DID!

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