For the Love of Photography

Why do I love photography so much? Simply put, it has profoundly changed the way I see the world. For me, photography is like taking that last step to the summit of some high mountain; experiencing the exhilaration of an incredible moment in time in which you entirely made happen, for that moment alone. Or perhaps witnessing a wild creature feeding its young, and disciplining them when they misbehave; truly a rare and special moment indeed.

All of the individual ingredients that go into these great moments, culminate into something special. Photography is my chosen outlet for expression of all the things I enjoy in life. From magnificent vistas, to mysterious beauty, to all of the wild things that call our world home. It allows me to share what my mind’s eye sees at a specific moment in time, and affords me the opportunity to shape the end product into an image that expresses what I felt at the moment, and hopefully will move the viewer in the same way.

Being a perfectionist, and always striving for “the next best thing”,  photography challenges me in a way few things have in my lifetime. I know now, that it will always provide a path that leads to further exploration, new hurdles, and limitless summits. Being able to express myself in new ways through the lens, is what I love about photography. Searching for that magic light, that precious moment when a wild animal displays a sense of trust towards you, when that special pose on your subjects face is captured – all of these things are why I love photography.

Canada Geese (chicks)European StarlingPacific Tree FrogFish Lake - Steens Mountain,OR

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