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Periodically I will be featuring some very talented photographers on my blog who will discuss a photograph, techniques, or what is going on in their head as they make that “special” image become reality. This time around, Kevin Pepper discusses his images from Paris. Please take a visit to his website (which can be found at the bottom of this page) to check out all of his fantastic photography. 

I have been to Paris quite a few times in my life. Most for business reasons and I always had very short windows of opportunity to take photos and appreciate the city of light and love. However, my love for the city did draw me back for pure pleasure and a chance to explore the cities sites, sounds, food and culture on my own schedule.

But what I really wanted to get was capture a few photos that were different than all those thousands of images that you see everywhere you look. So my goal for the week was, “to get a few shots from a different point of view”… and that’s what I believe I captured here.

 eiffel tower


After walking all around Paris I finally found a few locations that were different than what I had seen. In the photo above I would incorporate the Eiffel tower as a natural frame of the image, I made sure I included the names of the people involved in the creation of the tower to communicate that this was, in fact, the Eiffel tower. The combination of the names and iconic leg arch would give the visual recognition needed. I then centred the Ecole Militaire within the frame.

An interesting footnote is that this scene does not exist anymore. There is a shallow fountain in the foreground of this scene and on the Champ de Mars there is a structure in front of Ecole Militaire on Place Joffre.

 clock at musee d'orsay


To get this photo was merely chance… I was eating in the cafeteria at the Musée d’Orsay after a stroll through the old train station late in the day and I looked up and saw this image presenting itself to me. A quick snap in a crowded cafeteria with my point and shoot camera and voila, a unique image from one iconic location of another iconic location that stands out in the Parisian landscape… the Sacre Coeur, the location where I started my journey that day.

Remember this tip… Photograph your subject from different points of view… The best photos are not always when you are standing in front of your subject. We are in the digital age; take as many photos as you want. You never know which one will be a keeper!

You can join me on my Parisian workshops in 2014 and explore the city together.

Kevin Pepper


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