Falling for Waterfalls, and Fall Color

Steep Creek FallsYes, I am on a waterfall and Fall colors binge, and this is one of my latest adventures. It is that time of year again when the colors ignite, and we only have a very short window to try and capture them in all their seasonal glory. I have been out every chance I get to see some waterfalls I haven’t photographed before, and to hopefully catch them surrounded by the fiery colors of Fall.

This adventure brought me to several waterfalls in Skamania county. Two of them were easily accessed, the third of the day was…well, lets say “most definitely earned!” The waterfall I am referring to that required some serious bushwhacking to get to, is Lower Three Corner Falls. One must make a steep descent through thick brush down to the creek, and then rock hop, and bushwhack your way upstream about 1/3  mile to the waterfall. It was a tiresome trek, and I was soaked-to-the-bone wet, but the reward was SO worth it! It is always amazing to find a waterfall that only a small handfull of people have seen, and see it in a beautiful pristine state. There was no disappointment here!


Steep Creek Falls - WashingtonUpstream Heaven and Hell FallsLower Three Corner Falls - Washington

The following video was shot just upstream from Heaven and Hell falls: Scamania County, WA

The following video is Lower Three Corner Falls, and is the waterfall that requires a serious bushwhack to get to. For some reason my video software chopped the top of the waterfall off, but the video is mainly for illustration purposes. Enjoy!

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