Down by the Seashore

Natures Wild PhotographyIn anticipation of the approaching Fall migration, photographing shorebirds has been on my mind. I recently made a trip to the coast to not only see what I could find in the shorebird department, but to enjoy the power and tranquility of the ocean. Among the shorebirds that I photographed at the coast, the Brown Pelican and various gulls, including a Heermann’s gull,  were the stars of the day.

In other areas where there are exposed mud-flats, one can find numerous species of Sandpipers. It was here that I enjoyed photographing a cooperative Lesser Yellowlegs at Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge in SW Washington, and have spotted other shorebirds making appearances before the Fall migration kicks in full-swing in the coming months. Below are just some of the images I created on my adventure to the sea.

Brown PelicansWestern GullBrown PelicanLesser YellowlegsBrown PelicanHeermann's Gull

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