The Creature Feature – Black Turnstone

Black TurnstoneBlack Turnstones are members of the Sandpiper family. They breed in the winter months on marshy coastal tundra along the whole west coast from Alaska, to Sonora Mexico. Black Turnstones prefer rocky shorelines where good foraging for food is available. When a reliable food source has been found, Turnstones can become quite aggressive and will  defend their territory fiercely. The Black Turnstone’s behaviors and appearance are very similar to the Ruddy Turnstone, a close relative, yet are slightly bulkier and much darker overall.

Pacific Northwest wildlife photography never bores me. There is such a vast amount of diversity, and so many possible takes on each subject, that there is literally ten lifetimes worth of constant shooting in the wilds. Being out in the varied landscapes in which birds exist, is the best possible bonus I could think of! What better passion could a nature lover imagine?!


Black TurnstoneBlack TurnstoneBlack TurnstoneBlack TurnstoneBlack Turnstone

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