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Nature's GiftWe all have a place we like to call “our own”; I do indeed have mine.

I find my inner peace in remote forests lined with old-growth timber and wild streams. It is places such as these that I would like to share with you for my 100th blog post.

For me, the sound of a rushing stream, the smell of an ancient forest, and the solitude often found in places such as these are the most wondrous places on earth. The Pacific Northwest holds many treasures similar to the ones I share with you below. No matter how many times I may visit a favorite location, I never tire of the beauty that I am allowed to see and experience; I always view it as a gift from nature. This is exactly what fuels my passion and creativity as I attempt to capture the moment I am living onto my camera. I love to backpack into places I know to be wild and not so often visited, and immerse myself in the location for an extended period. By doing this I feel no time pressure, no need to get back to the car before dark. I can search out the perfect composition, wait for the perfect light, and create my vision on my time.

I hope you enjoy this little slice of where I find peace.

Natures Wild PhotographyNatures Wild PhotographyNatures Wild PhotographyNatures Wild PhotographyNatures Wild Photography

All images are single exposures photographed with Canon equipment.

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