Click of the Week – Upper Bridal Veil Falls

upper bridal veil fallsIf you live in the vicinity of the Columbia River Gorge which forms a section of the border between Washington and Oregon, you most likely have visited Bridal Veil Falls on the Historic Columbia River Highway. Did you know that there is a much more scenic falls on this creek named “Upper Bridal Veil Falls” upstream about a mile or so? There is one catch with seeing this beauty; it is one of the most difficult waterfalls in the Gorge to access. There is no trail, and the approach involves bushwhacking down an extremely steep slope to the creek some 500′ below.

This waterfall is approximately 90′ tall, and a whopping 50′ in width! There is also a waterfall downstream named (yes, you guessed it!) “Middle Bridal Veil Falls.” As I was looking for the access point to visit Upper Bridal Veil Falls, I drove up the road a ways, got out of the car and am almost positive I heard another very large waterfall upstream from the supposed upper most falls. I see another trip in the future…

The images below were photographed with a Canon 5D MkII, Canon 24-105 lens, and polarizing filter. All images are single exposures.

Upper Bridal Veil Falls ~ Columbia River Gorge,ORUpper Bridal Veil Falls ~ Columbia River Gorge,ORUpper Bridal Veil Falls ~ Columbia River Gorge,OR

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