Click of the Week – Shovel Me Silly!

“Shovel Me Silly” ? I bet you are saying to yourself, “what kind of title is that ?”  Well, it is a combination of my wit shining through, and the fact that this is a Norther Shoveler hen, and that this bird was hamming it up for the camera. I spent a lot of time “working” this bird, until it (very) slowly became comfortable with my presence; this is really a key part of any type of wildlife photography.

Northern Shovelers typically hang out on marshy ponds, skimming the surface with their large bill for plankton, and often times seeds. They very much resemble a cross between Malards and Green-winged Teals; all stunningly beautiful quackers! :-)Anyway, I shot this image today and wanted to share it with all of you. Let me know what you think! Comments are always appreciated!!

Northern Shoveler Hen

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