Click of the Week – Hillsboro,OR Air Show

This past weekend some friends and I attended the Oregon International Air Show, which is held annually at the airport in Hillsboro, OR.  Despite record breaking heat all weekend, the aircraft provided fantastic photo opportunities, and a lot of fun!!

This year’s show opened with the Army’s Golden Knight Parachute Team. The contrast between the blue sky and the golden striped parachutes made for some colorful images. There were many different aircraft that took to the sky this weekend, some of which are air show regulars, and several which are here every few years or so. The performers included Lucas Oil, John Klatt and the Air National Guard plane, Pemberton Aerosports, and quite a few more. Highlights this year for me were the US Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier 2, and of course The Thunderbirds. The Harrier demonstration was truly, and simply AWESOME! ***Note to self: Next year bring earplugs!*** The pilot of the Harrier held the jet completely motionless in a hover, expertly panning in a slow circle before taking to the sky and jetting off into the distance. The Thunderbirds put on an amazing show as well. With many high speed passes, ridiculous inverted acrobatics, and extremely close formation flying, that left the audience wanting to be a jet pilot themselves! I can’t wait for next years show, as the Blue Angels will be returning to Hillsboro!

Below are images I took mostly from this years show, with a couple from last years air show as well. Enjoy!

All images were photographed with a Canon 7D and 1D Mk4 body, and both Canon 300 & 500mm lenses.


Oregon AirshowThunderbirdsMig 17 FighterU.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute TeamJohn Klatt AirshowsThunderbirdsOregon AirshowU.S. Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier 2Screaming Eagle Airborne Parachute TeamThunderbirdsPemberton AerosportsThunderbirds

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