Click of the Week – East Fork Lewis River

East Fork Lewis RiverI ventured out early this morning knowing that with the overcast skies it was prime time for some photography on the water. I headed up the East fork of the Lewis River in Washington state with the goal of finding a scenic spot on the river that I have not photographed before. As luck would have it, along with a bit of hiking, I found a really scenic spot to call my own for the morning. When composing this shot I really wanted to utilize the two foreground rocks to anchor the image and provide a nice balance to the rest of the scene. Making this happen was another story, as I had to position myself and my tripod in a somewhat precarious position along the bank. Most of the time I usually strive to find that perfect shutter speed to leave just the right amount of detail in the water flow that I prefer, but I chose to go for a long exposure on this image to create a bit of a dreamy feel. I hope you like!! Click on the thumbnail below for a large version of this image.

Camera: Canon 1D MkIV
Lens: Canon 16-35mm
Filters: Circular Polarizer, Heliopan 10 stop ND
Settings: Exposure Mode: Manual ISO: 400 Aperture: f/11 Shutter Speed: 30sec. Mirror Lock-up
Accessories: Remote shutter release, Gitzo tripod, Canon Angle-Finder C

East Fork Lewis River ~ Washington State

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