Click of the Week – Bosque Sunrise

Sunrise at Bosque Del ApacheI am finding myself literally buried with editing chores from my recent trip to Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in San Antonio, New Mexico. While scrolling through my many images from my trip, I came across this sunrise image of Sandhill Cranes getting in their morning snack before lifting off to the corn fields for the day. It was the same story every morning while I was there; the color would start to show in the sky signalling the photographer that all of the Snow Geese were about to blast off, followed shortly after by the Sandhill Cranes.

This particular morning was especially beautiful will the pinkish-orange skies igniting the day in nothing short of spectacular light. “Great light” was one thing that we were definitely not lacking during the time spent in New Mexico. Whether it was the morning’s sunrise, afternoon light, or the great shows around sunset; disappointment was not in this photographer’s vocabulary while at Bosque.

This image was created with the Canon 5D Mk2 and 24-105L IS lens. The 24-105 was a real star this trip, it rarely came of my 5D Mk2.

In the coming week I hope to get my full post on my trip completed. Please stay tuned for that, and thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

Click on the image below to view a larger version.

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