Click of the Week – A Waterfall with Spirit!

Spirit Falls is an extremely photogenic waterfall which lies in Skamania County in Washington State. At 33′ tall, this might not seem like a “big” waterfall, but when high water is flowing this is an extremely difficult and dangerous waterfall to paddle over, and is done so by only the most experienced paddlers. Kayakers come from around the world to float the waters that lead to the falls. A healthy respect for the drop and a lot of experience  are the prerequisites to go over the edge of this monster!

The waterfall is not on any maps, and little information exists acknowledging that it is even there. It is a wondrous treasure that takes a wee bit of bushwhacking and determination to get to. I made a trip with a fellow photographer and friend this past weekend, and will undoubtedly return very soon. We scouted out good comps. (photographer term for framing a picture) of which most were found in precarious positions along the rim of the basalt cliffs that surround the waterfall. After shooting for a couple of hours, we hiked back up the talus slope back to our cars and spent a great Fall day shooting in the Columbia River Gorge. Next up – Winter photography! Bring on the snow and ice!

Spirit FallsSpirit FallsSpirit Falls

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