herman creek - columbia river gorge, orJust as with changes in life, relationships, tastes, hobbies, etc…, inevitable changes occur in the seasons as well. As a nature photographer, it is always a chase to try and capture whatever features a particular season brings with it. Of course we all have our preferences in what to photograph, so this factors into the chase as well.

As Spring turns to Summer, many of the birds have moved on and bird photography is slowly becoming less productive, although there are certainly a few prime species still around to photograph if you get yourself out there and know where to look. What is plentiful and never migrates or withers, is the all mighty waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest. Now is a good time to capture the waterfalls in all their glory. With snow melt pouring from the mountains, many waterfalls are raging right now. This, as well as later in the summer when the waterfalls turn into mystical wonders with just a light spray rolling over their crests, provide an opportune time to try and  make creative, non ordinary shots of glorious sights.

Along the way are the many beautiful streams that drain these waterfalls, and each is different and unique, waiting for the photographer to capture its essence. Often times I find a special spots in a stream where I will devote an hour or two composing many different shots, and taking away several very pleasing compositions that leave me feeling successful in capturing the feeling I felt when I first stumbled upon the place.

Being able to adapt to the seasons, taking a deep look inside yourself for your inner motivation, and connecting with whatever you are photographing are all very important elements in creating a successful image to share. It all boils down to possessing a deep passion for what you are photographing; this is when the magic happens. Knowing your subject, respecting your subject, planning to capture your subjects in the best possible conditions, being prepared with the right equipment and frame of mind are all absolute key requirements in creating eye popping, heartfelt images.

So what is it that draws you in and inspires you as a photographer this time of year? What is it that consumes your thoughts of how you want to photograph your subject in a unique way? What gives you butterflies in your stomach as you are approaching the last few miles en route to your photo shoot? Whatever it is this season, photograph it with passion! Spend the time with your subject connecting with it! Draw the energy from it, feel the emotion being exuded from your subject through you, and then the click of a lifetime may just come to you; and it will be well deserved!

So embrace the change of seasons. With them comes new opportunities to photograph perhaps familiar scenes, but with a renewed passion to create something spectacular! Sit on your subject’s terms as a willing guest; someone who is privileged to be there, present and thankful, and you may just create something that moves millions.

All images are single exposures, photographed with Canon equipment.

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