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Winter – Northwest Style

Spotted TowheeThe Pacific Northwest with its grand landscapes such as the rain forests, mountainous North Cascades, or the desert in the Eastern part of the state never cease to amaze! Nothing about the area is less than stellar in beauty. The wildlife that call the Northwest their home are diverse as the hills and valleys that make up this incredible region.

Winter brings with it just as much beauty as the more colorful summer months. If one is not adverse to the often times bitter cold and is willing to brave the elements in search of a magical shot, then they will most certainly find something to point their camera at.

Below are some moments I have experienced so far this season, some not far from the front door. Others…well yes, I had to put some miles in for those. 🙂 Enjoy!

Spotted Towhee with LunchSong Sparrow on FeederSpotted TowheeCold and LonesomeSpotted TowheeWinter in the Rain ForestSpotted Towhee at Rest

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Sly as a Fox

Gray FoxIt has been almost a year since I have posted an entry to my blog. It has been nearly that long since I have taken any “serious” pictures. I think sometimes as photographers or artists we need a mental break; a “reset” if you will. Maybe we take this time to re-evaluate our direction, scout for new subject matter, explore our inner-selves to bring deeper meaning to our photographs, or maybe a bit of all of these. Regardless of the reasoning, it is needed.

I very much appreciate each and every reader and viewer of my website. I have appreciated the emails over the years, the constructive criticism, and the occasional request for prints. I do love to share my images and experiences with all of you, but I think the primary reason I do all of this is for myself. I have no interest in doing photography to make money. To me personally, that would be like charging people to take them on a hike on some beautiful trail in the Pacific Northwest. It is just not who I am as a person. I would much rather share these things with others. Capturing these images gives me a memory of a very special moment in time that I experienced, and allows me to revisit that moment as often as I please. I enjoy writing about those experiences for the same reason, and of course to share my experiences with you.

You will be seeing some changes in the direction my website has taken over the years in the near future. I hope to do more writing as I very much enjoy that aspect of my website. I also hope to post more of my day to day outings and adventures, regardless of whether I bring home those “epic” shots.

I was extremely fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to photograph this Gray Fox. Fox are normally very elusive creatures, and primarily are active at night. This day, I was fortunate enough to share this mutually surprising moment and stare with a Gray Fox around the Klamath Falls area of Oregon. I am not quite sure what is in its mouth, as they will eat just about anything. It looks to be some type of fungi as near as I can tell. We spent about 30 seconds staring at each other, and then it was on its way.

Thank you again for coming back to my website and checking in, and if the mood suits you, I always love an email to say hello. (From wherever you may call home!!)


Gray Fox

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