Busy as a Bee!

Oh yes…this time of year is VERY busy for photographers! There are just too many things to photograph and not enough time off! Needless to say, the camera gear has been getting a workout. From insects in the garden to shorebirds on the coast, I have been running back and forth trying to get it all in.

The next adventure brings us to Utah to the Dark Canyon region. I am looking forward to this trip, as I have wanted to visit Utah for some time now. The trip will consist of seven days of backpacking in the canyons, exploring and filling all the memory cards I own with a ton of ideas clicking away in my head.

Spring is in full swing everyone, so get outside and enjoy the beauty that is all around us!

Yellow Crab SpiderNatures Wild PhotographyBrown-headed CowbirdCommon Yellowthroat

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