Bug on a Blossum

You know Spring is in full swing when the bugs hatch. This weekend they were out in force! Many people associate bugs with being gross, and nothing but pests. True, some certainly are pests. Take for example the mosquito…I hate mosquitoes! Most people do. But in reality, bugs serve a purpose; to fill the frame of my Canon camera with glorious buggy shots! 🙂

This weekend I visited Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden with a Portland photography club. If you have never been to Crystal Springs, you should definitely pay a visit sometime soon. It is an absolutely gorgeous, very large garden that is beautifully landscaped, and meticulously cared for. The number of birds that congregate there is truly amazing. Most are very tame and are looking for handouts; not necessarily a good thing, but nonetheless, good for photographers. This weekend though, I was primarily on a macro-mission to photograph bugs. I use a specialty macro lens made by Canon that magnifies the subject up to five times life size. At around 3x, you can clearly see the individual facets on the compound eyes of insects, truly amazing from a photographic standpoint!

The equipment I used to photograph these images consisted of a Canon 1D Mk4 body, the Canon MPE-65 Macro lens, and a Canon MT-24EX Macro flash unit.

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