jeff waughThe beautiful Pacific Northwest is where I call home. Based in Washington state, I am a freelance photographer with my primary focus being wildlife and nature photography. I have lived in Washington state all of my life, with the exception my first few years. I was raised spending most of my time in the diverse outdoor environments the Pacific Northwest is known for. Whether it was hunting, fishing, hiking, or exploring, my time spent among the fields, streams, forests, and with the wildlife that call these environments their home, deeply engrained inside me, a passion and love for the natural world. My time spent outdoors as a youngster learning to appreciate the beauty all around us in nature, is what fuels my photographic passions today.

My goal is not only to share the images of the magical moments I have witnessed in nature, but to hopefully educate, inspire, and raise awareness in regards to the fragility of our world’s ecosystems and the wildlife that lives within them.The photographic tool of expression has the creative power to open wonderful doorways into worlds of adventure and discovery found right under our noses, ushering us along amazing journeys of self-discovery throughout the process. Examined under the scrutiny of the lens, one can witness an ordinary stone transform into a texture of beauty; a flowing stream evokes tranquility and inner peace, and the intricacies of a flower petal arouse wonder about its origin and the beginnings of all things. These experiences hold deeper implications when we use these clues in our ongoing search for meaning within ourselves.

 If I can reach just a few through my images, and remind them to think with a conservation-minded approach in everything they do, whether it is disposing of their refuse, viewing wildlife, or spending time in our fragile outdoors, I will have met my goal to leave this world slightly better off than it was yesterday.

Photographed by Christopher Oertell /

I welcome you to do some exploring within my site. Most importantly, the next time you are in a wild place, take the time to REALLY open your eyes to all that is around you. Breathe in the clean air, listen to the sounds of nature, and leave this place slightly better off than it was when you entered it.

Jeff Waugh / Natures Wild Photography

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