An Experiment in Time Lapse

I have been actively researching the “how-tos” related to Time Lapse video for the last few months. What I have found is that it is VERY time consuming both during the capture process of an incredible number of individual frames, and during the post processing of those images. Of course most videos have many sequences which are then edited to form a movie. This clip below was one of my first attempts at Time Lapse. I have had both failures and successes as I have been venturing down this path. I have been learning Adobe’s premier video editing software, appropriately named “Premier”, which has been a truly daunting task in and of itself. I hope to soon pull all of what I  have learned together and add this to my photographic “toolbox”. I have many exciting ideas for future projects where Time Lapse video will play a key role. I hope you enjoy this short clip for what it is. This was shot in front of the Interstate bridge on the Columbia River that acts as the border between Washington and Oregon states. There is no audio, and it is simply made up of 300 individual images shot 5 seconds apart, and replayed at 30 frames per second. This yields a 10 second video. Whew! A lot of work for only 10 seconds!! ENJOY!!


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