A Wet Fall Morning in the Pacific Northwest

Wet RocksWet, rainy Fall mornings are not uncommon this time of year in the Pacific Northwest, this morning was no exception. As the rain came down, I decided to head out anyway, knowing that this type of weather can often times lead to great atmospherics like fog, and misty conditions which can create nice imagery.

When I arrived at my location, it was raining very hard! I threw on my rain gear, and made my way out to the middle of this creek to capture the image below. I was doing everything I could to try and keep my camera dry. I had a rain sleeve on the camera, was leaning over the camera to dampen the effects of the downpour on my lens, all the while composing and creating this shot. I quickly packed my gear up after I took this shot, and spent the rest of the morning scouting some great new locations for another day. Very excited about these new spots!

Anyway, I obviously decided to process this shot in Black and White (I rarely do creek scenes in B&W), as I really like the end look I achieved with this particular image. Hope you enjoy!!

Sunset Falls

Canon 5D Mkll, Canon 16-35mm, f/11, 1.3 sec., ISO 100, polarizer

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