A “Snowy” End to 2012

It truly has been a “Snowy” end to 2012. With nearly a month of solid rain behind us, we were so fortunate to enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful day on the 30th of December. I took full advantage of it prior to the actual day and did some planning to make a successful outing  become my reality. I photographed some Snowy Owls last year, and this year was just as special as I was graced by the beauty of two amazing creatures. As well, on this last day of 2012, it snowed quite heavily in Vancouver, WA…my home town.

So with 2012 nearly behind us, I for one have numerous exciting trips planned for 2013! It will be busy, and I will be sure and share my experiences as well as my photographs with all of you, my friends. I hope everyone has an INCREDIBLE and healthy 2013, and I wish for you to all get outside and experience the beauty nature has to offer all around us. Forget what the news is going on about, the chores can wait a day or two, and the TV and the couch can fend for themselves. Move your body, breathe in the fresh air, and ROCK 2013!!!


Snowy OwlSnowy OwlSnowy OwlSanderlingSnowy Owl

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