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Love Me Some Rain Forest!

Quinalt RainforestRain forests have to rank at the top of the most photographic places I love to visit. Although difficult to photograph in a complimentary way without creating a chaotic ensemble of an image, if one takes the time to “learn” how to photograph them through trial and error, the reward can be otherworldly.

Oftentimes I will try and find a single, or sometimes a couple of very strong and interesting components to include in the image I am looking to create. Attempting to isolate an object rather that capturing an unending mass of twisted moss covered branches will likely make for a more compelling image in the end.

Rain forests are forests which receive high rainfall; between 100-180 inches annually! There are two types of rain forests: Tropical and Temperate. Tropical rain forests are characterized by a warm and wet climate with no substantial dry season. They are generally found to lie within 10 degrees North and South of the equator.  With Tropical rain forests covering a large portion of the globe, Temperate rain forests cover only a few regions of the world. Temperate rain forests exist in temperate regions. Although occurring in several Keepers of the Forestother locations in the world, here in North America they occur in the Pacific Northwest in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and California. I personally enjoy the rain forests of Washington state. The Olympic National Forest contains four absolutely stunning examples of Temperate rain forest, all of which I have had the great fortune of exploring extensively. While some are much more remote that others, there are many easy walking paths available to get a good feel for what a rain forest is all about. I highly encourage you to put it on your short-list and make the trip; you will not regret it!!

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