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Waterfall Wednesday!!

Washington waterfallI thought I would gather some of my personal favorite waterfall images that I have taken and bring them together for a “Waterfall Wednesday” post. Waterfalls, streams, and wildlife are my favorite things to photograph in nature. (in no particular order) Just being out there enveloped by the forest and the rawness it exudes, forces the welcome simplicity of life on you in it’s most basic of terms. All the stresses of every day life leave you to breathe in what life should be like all of the time: beautiful, kind, exhilarating, simple, and rejuvenating.

I hope you enjoy this small collection of my favorites. Click on the thumbnails for a larger version.

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A Little of this, and a Little of that

savannah sparrowOnce in awhile I get the urge to explore, and further advance my artistic side as well as push the techniques I utilize to create my artistic visions. The following images are three examples of recent creations in which I started with what I viewed as a fairly strong image by itself, added a variety of textures, modified some colors selectively, and finally came to the end result of my work.

I have found that for myself, certain images lend themselves to adding an artistic approach over others. Often times I will go back through my archives and select images that I may have graded as “seconds” in my catalog and find that they would make fantastic choices for artistic enhancement.

I challenge you to go through your photographs and find some images that would look even more amazing with a bit of texture added. Try and visualize the end result and you might come up with this years holiday card! Push yourself! Learn a new technique or two. Break the rules, think outside the box, and CREATE a work of ART!

Click on the images below to view a large version.

Song SparrowLeast ChipmunkSavannah Sparrow

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