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On a Sunday Morning

Black-tailed DeerAs I woke this morning and peeked out the window, there was a heavy blanket of fog filling the air. I am not sure whether it was my imagination or my wishful thinking that got me out of bed with the vision of sun-breaks and golden morning light on the refuge, but needless to say, I grabbed the camera and headed out for a morning shoot at the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge.

In all of the hundred and some visits I have made to the refuge over the years, I have never seen a deer. This morning I had the pleasure of photography a family of three Black-tailed Deer feeding in a grassy field. They paid me little attention as I attempted to line up a nice shot.

Wildlife Refuges are great places to view wildlife in a protected setting. They are often times a notch tamer than animals in a truly wild place, as they are somewhat accustomed to seeing people on a regular basis. For photography purposes this is a blessing, as it allows the photographer slightly better odds of taking home some keepers. 🙂

Black-tailed DeerRed-winged BlackbirdBlack-tailed Deer

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How LOW can you GO?

washington creekWow! It has been quite a while since I have done any writing here. It is not necessarily a bad thing, because I have been extremely busy this summer with adventure after adventure, and photographing everything along the way. One thing I really love this time of year is the low water flow in the creeks and rivers. With little snow left in the mountains, we are able to access areas that we could not with the higher water flows, and that mystical feel in our images tends to be more easily attained with the lower flows over the waterfalls.

Creeks and rivers put on display their, often times, beautiful river bottoms which can hold gorgeous tones of reds and browns. These textures and shapes can lend wonderful possibilities to the creative photographer who takes the time to study possible compositions within the scene before them.

Below are some of my favorite images I created at this time of year. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed creating them!



Wallowa mountains backcountryUnnamed Washington waterfallCreek bottom accessed only in late summerColumbia River Gorge,OR waterfallHerman Creek - Columbia River Gorge,ORWallowa mountain backcountryRarely visited waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge,ORQuinalt Rainforest,WA

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