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Click of the Week – Verdin

VerdinThis week’s Click of the Week is of an adult male Verdin. I photographed this gorgeous little fella on a recent trip to Arizona. Slightly larger than a Bushtit, these tiny birds live in the low desert, from California, Utah, and south-central Texas southward to northern Mexico. Behaving very much like a Bushtit, they tend to be very quick little fliers and can prove to be quite difficult to photograph as they do not stay in one spot for more that a second or two.

These images were photographed with a Canon 1D Mk IV and Canon 500mm f/4 lens.


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Big Wings of January

Northern HarrierI’ve been out photographing a variety of winged subjects this January including the Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, and Northern Harrier Hawk. We have had some nice cold and clear days this month that allowed for some good photographic conditions for bird photography. With the great light often associated with Winter mornings, I like to get out early to try and capture nature basking in Mother Nature’s magic light.

Northern HarrierGreat Blue HeronGreat Egret

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