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Swan Island Dahlias – Nature’s Gift of Color

This time of year not only brings outstanding wildlife viewing opportunities, melting snow in the mountains and summer backpacking adventures, it brings color in the form of all the amazing flowers that spring to life. We made a trip down to Swan Island Dahlias in Canby, Oregon, the largest Dahlia grower in the United States. With over 40 acres of gorgeous color, Swan Island Dahlias grows over 350 varieties of Dahlia, and introduces five to fifteen new varieties each season!! This is truly an impressive undertaking! Upon arriving at the Dahlia farm, the color is almost overwhelming. After spending a couple of hours in the fields, it felt like we barely scratched the surface of what is there. A return trip is definitely in order! If you get the chance, take a drive on down south and visit the farm, you will not be disappointed!

Swan Island DahliasSwan Island DahliasSwan Island DahliasSwan Island Dahlias

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Forest of the Fairies

When I walk through old-growth forest, it often times leaves me thinking about the story “The Hobbit”, by J.R.R. Tolkien; the atmosphere is one in the same. The pure age and beauty of the trees themselves, take on a mystical feature that more times than not, lead to a magical experience when hiking through them. A recent trip through one of SW Washington’s old-growth forests was no exception. The beautiful waterfalls that line the creek which flows within the forest, are truly magical in their own right. I always look forward to spending some time trying to capture the feel that these magical places exude.

Horseshoe Creek Falls - WashingtonNameless cascade - Siouxon Creek, WA

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